I spent the first 8 years of my career strictly as a graphic designer with experience in all print related design work including, product packaging, publications design, and advertising. Over the years I have slowly evolved my skills in web design as well. Since the start of 2014 my career path pivoted to the digital marketing world where I now hold a position as Digital Marketing Manager. My role also requires my experience and skills in design as I am also responsible for the creative direction of all digital products from web design to video production. I am also a proud member of Circle Group.

If you would like to connect you can find me on:

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I am constantly being asked if I do web development or video production where I usually answer "no". That is where Circle comes in. Circle is made up of a talented group of people with a wide variety of expertise from interior design to business app development. So now when people ask me " Can you create a logo, manage social media accounts and create video content" I say "yes, yes we can."

Circle Team Members:

Rami Bajjali - Graphic Designer/Art Director/Digital Marketer
Ammar Abdel Latif - Graphic Designer
Joseph Saadeh - Video Specialist/Photographer
Mohammad Habbas - Digital Marketer
Christine Emerezian - Interior Designer
Karim Dababneh - IT Specilaist/Web Developer